Fundamentals For Well-being - Coping With Relationship Challenge

Successful Student Transitions - A Time to Thrive by Louise Wiles and Elizabeth Gillies

Episode notes
Our relationships play a fundamental role in our well-being. When they are positive they nourish our well-being, but when relationship challenges arise they can be a significant drain on our well-being. In this episode we discuss different types of relationship challenge and suggest strategies for coping with them positively. We discuss:
  • The different kinds of relationship challenge that may arise in times of transition.
  • The importance of knowing what is important to you in a relationship - what is healthy and unhealthy for you.
  • Suggestions for repair and restoration when relationships go wrong.
  • What to do if someone is ghosting you.
  • How to end a relationship well.
  • The importance of focusing on rest and recovery and self-compassion in times of relatio ... 
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