Nutrition Fundamentals - Eating Healthily on a Budget

Successful Student Transitions - A Time to Thrive by Louise Wiles and Elizabeth Gillies

Episode notes
We all know the benefit of healthy eating - in theory. This episode is packed full of fun and budget friendly ways to help you move from theory to practice and eat nutritiously as you settle into your new environment. We talk to Rob Hobson a registered nutritionist and sports nutritionist who is passionate about everything to do with food, nutrition, health and sport. We discuss:
  • Why it is important to eat healthily.
  • The ingredients needed for a healthy diet - some may surprise you.
  • How you can eat healthily in a non-expensive way with clever planning.
  • Why including friends helps build good nutrition practices and mental well-being.
  • Why it is not all about nutrition, Rob shares his BED mnemonic for good sleep.
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