Fighting Suppression and Cancel Culture With Filmmaker Matt Thayer

Strang Report by Charisma Podcast Network 558901

Episode notes

Matt Thayer knows that Former President Trump is a controversial figure but he says that the media portrays him as a misogynistic monster but those who know him have experienced a very different Donald Trump… Especially the women that have worked close to him and believe in him. The effort to get the “Trump I Know” to people who need to know the real person, Thayer has has an uphill battle, but he isn’t giving up! On this Strang Report, he joins with Stephen Strang to discuss the fight against suppression and cancel culture as his Hybrid live event is preparing for it’s premier. Learn how films like “Sound of Freedom” have cleared a path through the jungles of Hollywood and traditional media to bring light to important issues and how YOU can make an impact!