Defending Authentic Faith: Steve Strang and Mario Murillo on Battling False Prophecy

Strang Report by Charisma Podcast Network 558901

Episode notes

Welcome to a thought-provoking episode on our channel! Join us as Steve Strang sits down with the renowned speaker and author, Mario Murillo, for a captivating discussion about a pressing issue within the Christian community – false prophecy. 🕊️ In this enlightening conversation, Mario passionately shares his insights on the importance of addressing false prophets and their teachings. Discover the potential dangers they pose to believers and the impact on the authenticity of the Christian faith. 📖✝️ With a focus on discernment and staying grounded in the Word of God, this episode sheds light on the critical role each of us plays in safeguarding the integrity of our faith. 🛡️✨ Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of discerning spirits, biblical teachings, and maintaining the authenticity of our Christian walk. Don't miss out on this empower ... 

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