Responding to the Maui Fires with CityServe

Strang Report by Charisma Podcast Network 558901

Episode notes

In this episode of the Strang Report Podcast, host Stephen Strang sits down with Todd Lamphere, an eyewitness to the devastating fires that engulfed Maui on August 8th. The fires have caused widespread destruction and loss of life, prompting urgent humanitarian efforts. Todd shares his first-hand experiences, detailing the ominous and unique nature of the fire's impact on the Lahaina region.

Join the conversation as Todd discusses the incredible work of CityServe, a ministry dedicated to disaster relief and community support. Through partnerships with local churches like King's Cathedral and Calvary Chapels, CityServe is actively providing aid, resources, and assistance to those affected by the fire.

Discover how the local church community has risen to the occasion, offering a helping hand and a ray of hope to those who have lost thei ... 

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