Woke Jesus: Unmasking a Dangerous Trend in the Church | Interview with Lucas Miles

Strang Report by Charisma Podcast Network 558901

Episode notes
In this thought-provoking interview, join us for a special edition of the Strang Report as host Stephen Strang sits down with author and pastor Lucas Miles to discuss his groundbreaking book, "Woke Jesus." 📚 🔥 Discover the Disturbing Trend: Lucas Miles sheds light on the dangerous rise of wokism within the church, examining its origins and far-reaching implications for believers. From the cultural Marxism behind wokism to its impact on race, gender, and sexuality, this eye-opening conversation brings clarity to a pressing issue facing the modern church. 💡 Unraveling the Nuances: Many are aware of the term "woke," but few truly understand its complexity within the church context. Lucas Miles goes beyond the surface, delving into the historical background and ideologies underpinning wokism. From Gnosticism to various movements throughout history, h ...   ...  Read more