Traction and Customer Acquisition (during a pandemic) with Catalina Bentz

Startup From Scratch by Merna & Kennedy

Episode notes

Today we sit down with the incredible Catalina Bentz, the founder and CEO of Catan Pisco. Catalina is the first Chilean woman to own a Pisco company and bring it to the US. Catan launched in 2018 and is in over 25 Binny's locations, restaurants and bars across Chicago. Catan was picking up momentum until the COVID-19 shutdowns took effect. For a spirit like pisco that is not terribly well known in the U.S., Catalina was tasked with not just selling during a pandemic but educating consumers from afar to get them to grab a bottle of Catan the next time they venture into a store or do an Instacart order. Listen to this episode to learn more about how Catalina navigated traction and customer acquisition during the pandemic in one of our most inspiring episodes yet!

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