Startup From Scratch

by Merna & Kennedy

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Launching Again with Iain Usiri

    Launching Again with Iain Usiri

    Today we sit down with Iain Usiri. Iain is a repeat founder and the CEO of Ramani, a Tanzanian based company working in the informal retail space. Listen to Iain candidly talk about pivoting and launching again. Iain shares with us how to successfully lead a team through company transitions, the importance of intellectual humility, and the power of understanding your users' "why" when building profound products.

  • Interpreting Pain with Avi Press

    Interpreting Pain with Avi Press

    Remember that product launch that went exactly as planned? neither. Launching your product can be an uncomfortable process filled with many growing pains. How do you interpret that pain when leading your company? Listen to us talk to Avi Press today on how he's interpreted pain while building his own company Scarf. He doesn't just share with us how he practically faces challenges, he also gives us insight into a founder's emotional process when building a startup from scratch.

  • Traction and Customer Acquisition (during a pandemic) with Catalina Bentz

    Traction and Customer Acquisition (during a pandemic) with Catalina Bentz

    Today we sit down with the incredible Catalina Bentz, the founder and CEO of Catan Pisco. Catalina is the first Chilean woman to own a Pisco company and bring it to the US. Catan launched in 2018 and is in over 25 Binny's locations, restaurants and bars across Chicago. Catan was picking up momentum until the COVID-19 shutdowns took effect. For a spirit like pisco that is not terribly well known in the U.S., Catalina was tasked with not just selling during a pandemic but educating consumers from afar to get them to grab a bottle of Catan the next time they venture into a store or do an Instacart order. Listen to this episode to learn more about how Catalina navigated traction and customer acquisition during the pandemic in one of our most inspiring episodes yet!

  • Launching Beta with Kyle Woumn

    Launching Beta with Kyle Woumn

    Today we talk to Kyle Woumn about launching beta. Putting the first version of your product out can be scary and exciting. Listen to Kyle tell us about his experience launching different business and how he measures success.

  • Fundraising with Kennedy McDaniel

    Fundraising with Kennedy McDaniel

    Today we sit down and talk about fundraising! Kennedy has successfully fundraised at her company Banting. What do you need to consider when fundraising? How do you vet your investors? When do you say no to an investment? And SO much more! If you are fundraising soon, this episode will set you on the right track!