Life & Brand Updates, Membership Launch, Free Pilates, & My Wellness Commitments in 2024

Spring to Life by Caitlin Sullivan

Episode notes

Hey friends! I've had some amazing guest on lately (if you haven't listened to the last couple episodes, definitely get yourself caught up!!) but I haven't been able to share what's going on with me and the Spring to Life Method lately. Today I'm share about my new membership launch and my wellness commitments for January! If you like this episode and want more solo episodes like this, please let me know!

  • Get Synced! - the realization of the Spring to Life Method mission
  • Tools to help you return to your natural cycle and embrace cyclical living
  • Why I don’t teach BBT for fertility awareness
  • Why I teach external biomarker observations
  • Cyclical Pilates- join a class this month!
  • Using food as medicine for PMS, burnout, and transitioning off hormonal birth control
  • Simple solutions for reducing ... 
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