• S03E06 - DONNA track panel @ Sköv...

S03E06 - DONNA track panel @ Skövde Game Conference

SPELFOKUS by Gabriella Kalteneckar & Björn Flintberg

Episode notes

This week, we report from the heart of the Skövde Game Conference, diving deep into a riveting panel discussion on representation, sustainability, and inclusion in the gaming world. Joining us is a stellar trio of experts:

@Agnieszka Molska Jakobson of Mindark, DONNA mentor and Agile Coach infusing her expertise to guide the next generation of game developers.

@Oda Tilset founder of Noknok Audio Oslo, DONNA mentor, bringing her unique insights into the auditory realms of gaming.

@Josephine Baird, esteemed lecturer and researcher from Uppsala University, dissecting representation and the dynamics of game design and its societal impact.

Both Agnieszka and Oda are proud mentors of the DONNA network, an initiative supporting women and non-binary individuals in the gaming secto ... 

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