The State of Fem Art

by Timea Faulkner

Hosted by Timea Faulkner, The State of Fem Art podcast is a space where we celebrate and amplify the voices of women artists and creative entrepreneurs taking a deep dive into the successes, barriers, and joys of what it means to be a woman navigating your creativity, personal life, and the industry. Here, women will tell their own stories, authentically, boldly, and unapologetically. Each interview is a new journey, as we co ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Georgia Stitt | Supporting Women & Non-binary Musicians

    Georgia Stitt | Supporting Women & Non-binary Musicians

    Timea Faulkner kicks off season 4 of The State of Fem Art podcast with Georgia Stitt, composer, musician, and founder of Maestra Music.

  • Season 3

  • Cakes By LaLa | The Art of Cake Design

    Cakes By LaLa | The Art of Cake Design

    Lala Economides was working in marketing before realizing that she could turn her love for cake design into a viable career. Her company, Cakes by LaLa will be creating the SheROCKS Decade Celebration Cake commemorating 10 years of showcasing women in the arts.

  • Deborah Anderson | Diversity in Animation & Protecting the Creative Spirit

    Deborah Anderson | Diversity in Animation & Protecting the Creative Spirit

    Timea Faulkner chats w/ Deborah Anderson, a 3D modeler who got her start working in a South Korean animation studio working on shows such as Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Scooby-Doo. She continued her career back in the states in New Orleans where she worked for TurboSquid on their Checkmate program and Louisiana Economic Development - FastStart as an Animation Specialist. On YouTube she makes content about the animation industry and has interviewed 80+ Black (and other) animation professionals. You can follow Deborah everywhere @BlkWmnAnimator

  • Morgen Whiteman | Making The True Crime Genre More Equitable

    Morgen Whiteman | Making The True Crime Genre More Equitable

    Morgen Whiteman is a film and television director with a background as a filmmaker-in-residence in Ghana, and a 2022 Stowe Story Labs finalist for the SAGIndie’s Top Emerging Filmmaker of Color Fellowship. Morgen is a graduate of the AFI Conservatory’s Directing MFA Program, and her films have been featured as official selections at numerous film festivals. She has directed talent with credits on All American, Wonder Woman, and We Own This City. Morgen has a passion for the thriller and science fiction genres, especially speculative fiction. Her work can be best described as “allegories set in heightened realities”. Currently, Morgen is crowdfunding for her crime thriller limited series Apophenia. This 5-minute 5-episode series follows Eva Nicholson, a struggling recluse who falls into the public spotlight as a superhero when a series of premonitions lead her to a serial killer moments away from claiming the life of his next victim. As Eva basks in the attention, her boyfriend, Daniel, is the only person even remotely concerned that Eva also brutally murdered the serial killer in the process. Then it happens again. And again. And as Eva’s body count rises, so do the suspicions surrounding who, or what, she really is. It is estimated that 2 out of 3 Americans enjoy true crime/crime thriller content. Meanwhile, the canon of fictional serial killers in film are most often middle-aged heterosexual white men. Studies have shown that the homogeneity of the serial killer profile reinforces the societal hierarchy in America. In a bold way, Apophenia tackles representation, diversity, equity, and inclusion, by mitigating the constant barrage of victimization on individuals who experience oppression in real life. It is said that women are often interested in true crime because these stories make them feel more prepared for the horrors that exist in the real world. Apophenia is a series that will not capitalize on the victimization of women (or minorities), which is a significant psycho-social shift. Donate here:

  • Laura Simpson | Thriving As A Touring Artist in A Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

    Laura Simpson | Thriving As A Touring Artist in A Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

    Laura Simpson, is the CEO and co-founder of Side Door. Side Door is an online platform created to connect musicians to the host of their next gig. The platform gives agency back to artists by turning any space into a music venue, negating the hassle and massive costs of traditional renting venues. She shares her journey navigating the tech industry, how she turned her backyard into a mini music festival for indie artists, and why she's passionate about creating spaces for performing artists to share their art. If you're currently an artist performing at Folk Alliance International (FAI) in Kansas City or showcasing at South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festival in Austin, Side Door ensures a $200 USD guarantee for artists. The guarantee is in addition to the net ticket revenue split from shows. Please visit their program details page to apply and read more about the program.