S02 E09 - Avoid Catastrophic Failures - Smarter RVing

Snowbirds & RV Travelers by Perry Mack
We all have our basic maintenance checklists, but RV technicians see the sometimes catastrophic results of a number of overlooked items. In this podcast we interview Jessica Rider of pullthroughsites.com, a certified RVTI technician, as she describes smarter RVing checklist items that RVers should check before heading out each season, and  ...  See more
Mar 16 2023
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Catastrophic failures that could be prevented00:02:14 - 00:02:54
Episode’s Chapters
  • 00:00:00 - 00:01:00
    00:00:00 - 00:01:00Intro to the podcast and RV Technician Jessica Rider of pull ...
  • 00:01:00 - 00:02:20
    00:01:00 - 00:02:20What is an RVTI technician
  • 00:02:20 - 00:05:18
    00:02:20 - 00:05:18What vital components are overlooked in a routine checklist
  • 00:05:18 - 00:08:42
    00:05:18 - 00:08:42How to and importance of repacking bearings & Text-a-Tech he ...
  • 00:08:42 - 00:10:43
    00:08:42 - 00:10:43Don't miss these Hitch Maintenance Tips
  • 00:10:43 - 00:15:22
    00:10:43 - 00:15:22Testing Trailer brakes, simple maintenance videos, essential ...
  • 00:15:22 - 00:21:15
    00:15:22 - 00:21:15Pre-purchase inspections
  • 00:21:15 - 00:23:19
    00:21:15 - 00:23:19Final component check for an enjoyable vacation

Welcome to Snowbirds and RV Travelers, the weekly show for RV enthusiasts, where we talk about parks, activities, travel tips, trends, reviews, and the latest news affecting your RV experience.
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Today we're talking with Jessica Rider, owner of Pull Through Sites Mobile RV Repair.
Jessica started her company in 2019 to be a voice for the average weekend camper and pivoted in 2021 to mobile RV repair.
Jessica, along with all the technicians at Pull Through Sites, are RVTI certified technicians,
servicing customers locally within 100 miles of St. Louis, Missouri and online around the world by their Text-a-Tech line.
How are you doing today, Jessica?
I'm great. How are you?
Nothing's gone wrong so

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