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by Perry Mack

Snowbirds & RV Travelers is the biweekly show for RV travel enthusiasts, from staycationers to snowbirds. We cover maintenance, upgrades, reviews, trends, and accessories, and we love to share our experiences about parks, attractions, destinations, travel tips, and the latest news affecting your RV experience. Missed a show? Head over to

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  • Bristol TN - The Birthplace of Country Music & Famed NASCAR

    Bristol TN - The Birthplace of Country Music & Famed NASCAR

    Bristol’s biggest claim to fame happened in 1927. Bristol Sessions came about when Ralph Peer, a producer for Victor Talking Machine Company, later RCA Victor, wanted to record “Hillbilly music.” Ernest Stoneman, an Appalachian musician who with his wife, Hattie, was already recording for Victor, suggested Bristol. At the sessions, Peer recorded 76 songs by 19 musicians or groups. In 2002, The Library of Congress National Recording Registry ranked the 1927 Bristol Sessions among the 50 most significant sound recording events of all time and named Bristol “The Birthplace of Country Music.” Today’s podcast was written by Kathleen Walls and presented by Perry Mack

  • Mathews County - Bright sunshine, beaches and outdoor leisure are just a few of the attractions

    Mathews County - Bright sunshine, beaches and outdoor leisure are just a few of the attractions

    About an hour east of the i95 from Richmond or two hours southeast of the acclaimed Civil War attractions in Fredericksburg, Mathews County and the county seat of the same name serve as a winter destination in this region of Virginia. Mathews County in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula is plotted with a number of rural communities with access to two RV parks, scenic downtown districts, waterways, boat tours, and numerous trails. Of course, you can always sink your teeth into some of the best oysters in the state anytime. It’s especially worth a trip here during peak harvest season between October and March or any of the themed seafood festivals.

  • 5 Attractions that Define New Mexico

    5 Attractions that Define New Mexico

    The American state of New Mexico is known as ‘The Land of Enchantment.’ Its captivating culture blends indigenous, Hispanic and American cultures into being American. New Mexico’s future was established with the Viceroyality of New Spain [Nuevo Espana] in 1535, Mexico in 1821, and the United States in 1848. To understand New Mexico, five major attractions make this state enchanting for visitors.

  • Gaffney - South Carolina's Surprising Gem

    Gaffney - South Carolina's Surprising Gem

    Small towns are the perfect getaway for Snowbirds. Why fight traffic and spend time hunting for parking spots when you can visit small towns like Gaffney with so much to see and do without all the big city hassle? Gaffney in Cherokee County is known as “The Peach Capital of South Carolina” because at one time, Cherokee County produced more peaches annually than the entire state of Georgia which calls itself the "Peach State." Even more interesting, Gaffney has a pivotal place in history. Had the Patriots not won at the Battle of Cowpens, what are now the southern U.S. states might still English territory.

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  • Two Top Florida Destinations For Snowbirds

    Two Top Florida Destinations For Snowbirds

    The Sunshine State is one of the top snowbird destinations in the U.S., especially for Eastern and Central North American snowbirds. But Florida is not a homogenous state with identical winter experiences. History and topography have shaped Florida’s regions into unique realms with different attractions, adventures, and cultural lifestyles. After spending years vacationing in Florida, here are two of our favourites and two perfect parks to call home for the winter.