S02 E03 - Mexico's Myth Buster Dan Goy on Roadside Assistance, Traffic Violations & Accidents, Where to Boondock, Top Locations, Caravan Tour Info, and How to Do-It-Yourself

Snowbirds & RV Travelers by Perry Mack
Dan Goy shares his personal experiences and advice on how to handle Traffic Violations (real and imagined by law enforcement), Traffic Accident preparation (how to avoid going to jail), the Benefits of traveling in a Caravan and Caravan Tour, where and how to boondock, and where and how to get essential, accurate, free information if you  ...  See more
Jan 19 2023
Episode’s Soundbites
  • Dan Goy - Mexico Myth Buster00:00:00 - 00:00:19
  • You've been pulled over, now what?00:02:43 - 00:03:34
Episode’s Chapters
  • 00:00:40 - 00:02:43
    00:00:40 - 00:02:43How & Where to get roadside assistance
  • 00:02:43 - 00:10:42
    00:02:43 - 00:10:42Traffic Accidents - How NOT to go to jail
  • 00:10:42 - 00:12:25
    00:10:42 - 00:12:25Benefits of a caravan tour
  • 00:12:25 - 00:15:46
    00:12:25 - 00:15:46DIY - You can RV Mexico without a tour
  • 00:15:46 - 00:17:31
    00:15:46 - 00:17:31How & why good communication is essential in a group
  • 00:17:31 - 00:20:28
    00:17:31 - 00:20:28How to choose your Mexico - Mainland benefits (sites, roads, ...
  • 00:20:28 - 00:23:37
    00:20:28 - 00:23:37Essential driving advice and where to Boondock for safety or ...
  • 00:23:37 - 00:27:50
    00:23:37 - 00:27:50Best of Mexico - RV resorts, areas, tour info and free resou ...

Welcome to today's podcast.
We are here with Dan Goy of Baja Amigos Caravan Tours,
a recognized expert in traveling through Mexico in an RV.
In fact, he's traveled through almost all of Mexico's states,
150,000 kilometers, and we've got Dan here
to answer all your questions about traveling through Mexico.
Welcome to Snowbirds and RV Travelers,
the weekly show for RV enthusiasts,
where we talk about parks, activities, travel tips,
trends, reviews, and the latest news
affecting your RV experience.
For more content and guest opportunities,
head over to RVpodcast.com.
That's RVpodcast.com.
Dan, one of the other questions that we get from people
through Snowbirds and RV Travelers magazine
is most people have traveled, obviously,
through Canada, RV through Canada, RV through the US.
Here we have

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