How to choose the right RV tire to stay safe and save money

Snowbirds & RV Travelers by Perry Mack

Episode notes

Choosing RV tires might not be a sexy topic, but we’ve seen catastrophic failures when someone makes the wrong choice.

We had stopped to help a fallen motorcyclist, when a pick-up truck towing a double-axle travel trailer went by with a flat tire on the passenger side. We assumed they would pull over to change it but they didn’t realize they had a flat, and just kept going.

Naturally, we drove after them to make them aware of the problem, but heavy oncoming traffic made it impossible to get their attention. Then chunks of rubber started flying past us followed by billowing clouds of blue smoke. We had a feeling this was going to end badly.

There’s no doubt that you’ve had to purchase a new set of tires for a vehicle. For your daily driver, you typically decide whether you need Passenger (P) or Light Truck (LT), and then choose s ... 

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