Episode notes

We're back with our first in-person guest, Zach Chrisinger. We hear his story of going from first time carpenter to full-fledged green woodworker and how he fell in love with the pole lathe. We discuss the pros & cons of learning from the internet, being on social media, and what really drives Zach to pursue and hone his craft. We get into the finer details of teaching green woodworking skills as well as our usual foray into the nitty gritty of tools and the accessories skills required to master pole lathe turning. It was a real pleasure to have Zach down for the first in-person chat!

PLEASE NOTE: Being our first time recording 3 people in the same room, the audio is not the most stellar we've put out, but with a little finessing it turned out OK. We hope you can look past this and enjoy the contents of the chat!

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