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Conversations with greenwoodworkers, spoon carvers, bowl turners, tool makers and craftspeople from around the world.

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  • Episode 19 - Adam Ashworth

    Episode 19 - Adam Ashworth

    Enjoy this chat with blacksmith and tool maker, Adam Ashworth. He shares his story of woodworker-turned-blacksmith that was sparked, like many, by an obsession with green woodworking and spoon carving. He shares his insights into mastering the craft of knife making and the niche he has, pun intended, carved out for himself making sloyd knives. We discuss some of the specifics of being a self-employed craftsperson and, as always, we dive into the technical aspects of his craft, most notably Adam's recent foray into the ancient craft of metal etching. We hope you enjoy this chat! Share The Show Follow us on instagram FOLLOW ADAM

  • Episode 18 - Zach Chrisinger

    Episode 18 - Zach Chrisinger

    We're back with our first in-person guest, Zach Chrisinger. We hear his story of going from first time carpenter to full-fledged green woodworker and how he fell in love with the pole lathe. We discuss the pros & cons of learning from the internet, being on social media, and what really drives Zach to pursue and hone his craft. We get into the finer details of teaching green woodworking skills as well as our usual foray into the nitty gritty of tools and the accessories skills required to master pole lathe turning. It was a real pleasure to have Zach down for the first in-person chat! PLEASE NOTE: Being our first time recording 3 people in the same room, the audio is not the most stellar we've put out, but with a little finessing it turned out OK. We hope you can look past this and enjoy the contents of the chat! Share The Show Follow us on instagram FOLLOW ZACH MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE

  • Episode 17 - Emmet Van Driesche

    Episode 17 - Emmet Van Driesche

    We are back! And joined by the one and only spoon carving, coppiced Christmas tree growing maverick, Emmet Van Driesche. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, starting by learning about Emmet's journey to becoming a full-time spoon carver, to the trials and tribulations of making a living using social media. We discuss his unique path as a professional spoon carver, how he brought his skills as writer to create Spoonesaurus magazine and his three books and how craft and spoon carving contributes to one's mental wellbeing. Emmet also shares some insights into his workflow, what inspires him to keep progressing and growing his business, and how he manages his unique Christmas tree farm. + more! Share The Show Follow us on instagram Share the show! FOLLOW EMMET

  • Episode 16 - Julia Kalthoff

    Episode 16 - Julia Kalthoff

    Join us for this chat with crafty axe maker Julia Kalthoff. We learn about her lifelong craft journey from her mother's fabric store to working for Wetterlings. We get into all of the the details of the inception and production of the axes she makes--from the long process of refining each aspect of the design and production, to the rigorous refinement of the metallurgical alchemy of tool making, to some of the finer points of grind geometry, fitting the handles and more. We also touch on the subject of preserving a strong and healthy body whilst pursuing handcraft beyond the hobby scale. And she offers a refreshing to our famous last question... We really enjoyed speaking with Julia, she is a wealth of knowledge and experience! Share The Show Follow us on instagram Share the show! FOLLOW JULIA Mentions from the episode: Beth Moen Wetterlings Hultafors Gransfors Bruks Copy lathe in action Handle horse

  • Episode 15 - Zed Shah

    Episode 15 - Zed Shah

    Join us for this lively conversation with none other than Zed Shah. We get into a wide range of topics, learning about Zed's inroad to bushcraft, spooncarving and the broader sloyd world from his background in social work and marketing. We explore how the geographical & cultural distinctions influence craft in different parts of the world, and in particular why the UK is such a hub. We learn about Zed's journey as a film maker and the evolution of his approach to documenting the craftspeople and skills he documents and shares, the influence of social media on craft, the importance of photography and marketing for craftspeople, the value of developing skills vs buying expensive tools, and a bunch of other little side discussions along the way. Towards the end, Zed shares nuggets of marketing wisdom, which leads to a future episode concept! All around, a really fun and engaging chat with a little bit of something for everyone. Future Episode Concept Have any burning marketing or media questions? Want to hear from Zed on them? Send your questions to us and we'll compile them for a topic-focused Q&A episode with Zed in the near future. Send questions to Follow us on instagram Share the show! FOLLOW ZED Keep an eye on: Mentions from the episode: Ray Mears Not Just Bikes Spoonfest Werner Fuchs Sharif Adams Pro Camera by Moment Classic Hand Tools Spoontown UK Yoav Elkayam