2.12 Gym, Headset, and Curb

Published: Sep 02 2020

We are going to gym — Recording on a headset with a microphone — Testing — No time, but doing it anyway — Cardio day — 3-day cycle — No 45 minutes of heavy breathing — Exercise makes drinking a huge pleasure — Stretching — All done — Now food — Last night a good night creatively — A theory about music — The time problem — Also a good writing day — Finished a solid scene for a stage play — Back from getting food and some liquids — Started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm — S. Pellegrino mineral water — Tastes like health — Only three TV series in the 2000s absorbing enough to help me get through tough times — Battlestar Galactica — Twin Peaks: Season 3 — Curb Your Enthusiasm — Larry David — Differences from other situation comedies — Nothing tiresome — Not every line, scene, or character tries to make you laugh — Jeff — Better as a soap opera than any soap opera — Bright, healthy, sunny places — Enjoyable petty fights — Richard Lewis — Larry David and David Lynch emotionally intelligent — Italian mineral water in green bottles with blue etiquettes — Larry David doesn't drink, smoke, or use drugs — A model human in most areas of life — Unfortunately Hildur Kristín isn't going to kill me — Shower time — Welcoming messages — Rainbow on the floor