2.11 An Icelandic Artist, Her Work, and the One-Month Mirror Strike

Published: Aug 10 2020

10 August 2020 — Icelandic artist Hildur Kristín Thorstensen — My imperfect pronunciation — Summer of 2016 — Singer, writer, performer, dancer, director, actor, and more — Schools in Iceland, Finland, France, and the UK — Natural born artist — Early years — Collage — First book of poetry in 2017 — Bilingual — Poetry that comes naturally — To create a perfect poem — Directness and beauty — Elegance — The most beautiful voice I've heard — Mezzo-soprano — "Amarilli" by Caccini (c. 1601) — Her rendition vs. others — Clarity, strength, sensitivity — Written at the dawn of opera — More composers could've taken pointers from it — Want to recommend people and works I feel in my heart deserve it — A unique and special person — Out of anyone I know, she has the most creative potential — Her plans are her own — Often the ones with most potential get the least encouragement — Hint to book publishers and music companies and such — A warning — On the same level as Ray Bradbury — If she learns of this, she may kill me — The state of my voice — Exercise — One-month mirror strike — Starting now