2.10 Asylum, the Perfect Set-Up, and More Driving

Published: Jul 29 2020

Many new developments — Joined the Senscape team to work under Agustín Cordes on writing and revisions for the horror adventure game Asylum — Worked previously together on the free horror adventure game Serena (available on Steam) — Fertile and enjoyable creative collaboration — That game was made from beginning to end in two months — A feeling of exhilaration — The Holodeck in the early episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation — My first game writing in quite some years — Adventure games close to my heart — Let my voice get out of practice — Back to more regular podcasting — Freshness — This year's virtual Finncon — "Froggering" — Frogger — Featured with my three books (so far) in the Artist Alley — Those eccentric cartoon books I made last year — Current pursuits very different — Symphony, book series, screenplays — Visited my parents in Kangasniemi — The sun comes up at 4 a.m. — A lot of driving practice — My first intercity drive — Explored by car some forest roads with my parents — How much forest there really is — Lakes and forests — Getting lost in those woods would be a serious matter — The Finnish forest god Tapio — Jean Sibelius's Tapiola — Cursing at bears in Finnish — My father took a 14-kilometre walk through those woods — I have cool parents — Getting my dream creative set-up — Rented a van — Sturdy white desk — Ergonomic chair — MacGyver-style solution — Minimalistic style — David Lynch and the importance of having your set-up ready — The best and most beautiful computer I've ever had — iMac Pro — Pro Tools — A real necessity to avoid a lethal creative bottleneck — Very happy with Apple's products — Not tied to a desk — My various tools — Working on the road — More light