2.9 Night Drive, The Vast of Night, and Atlantis

Published: Jul 07 2020

4 a.m. drive — Good time and place for a driving podcast — Attempt #2 — Done talking about some things — Focusing on the present and the future — I like driving — Mic talk and fair warning — Used to go rollerblading at this time of morning — Now driving — You never know what thoughts will occur when out and about — Avoiding stagnation — Keep developing — Driving past my first school — Cemetery on the other side of the road — The Vast of Night — A genuinely thrilling and involving film — Not a single misstep — The storytelling potential of film — Pierre Estève's Atlantis Evolution album — Abrupt cut — The Atlantis series of games (Cryo) — First-person and third-person adventure games — Things it takes a certain level of life experience to appreciate — Thoughts — The break from podcasting — Recording check — A milestone in my musical endeavours — Long-term dedication and now ready to make finished pieces — Backing into the garage — Outro and good wishes