2.8 Scooting, Sunlight, and Simple Pleasures

Published: Jun 12 2020

Scooters — Reckless riders — Running, walking, biking — An outing to pick up copies of my paperback — Beautiful summer day — City bikes out of circulation for now — Visiting Tampere in the summer — Nature places and gardens — The time I walked 12 kilometres most days for a month — Scooting along — Tier — One euro per trip plus 20 cents per minute — Half an hour of walking both ways — Really enjoyed it — Many good things about scooting — One element of the future we saw in fiction — 50s science fiction comics from EC Comics — The elemental joy of moving around in the world — Way more fun than sitting in a bus — Left copies of my book at a crafts store and the city library — Scooting on a beautiful day — Glorious summer days — Good ways to get around — Look forward to driving — Important never to outgrow the enjoyment of simple pleasures — Enjoying colours, smells, sensual feelings, fresh air, moving around... — The wind on your face and in your hair or on your scalp — Life-enhancing headphones — Not taking things for granted — Best wishes from a very beautiful Finland — Scooting by the riverside — Health-enhancing rays of sunlight — Beautiful summer days and moments to you