Lending a Hand | Erotic Massages ft Lee Jagger

Self-Help Junkie by Erika Ng

Episode notes

Low Libido, ED, or just a busy schedule. Getting in the mood isn’t always easy but Lee Jagger is here to rock your bedroom. Indirectly, of course. She is here to teach us easy ways to spice up your life. Join us for a fun episode but be warned, you will laugh out loud. No self-help book this week, but plenty of hands-on experience!----------Key points discussed in this episode:

  • How tickling his pickle benefits YOU

  • Easy tips to break his brain

  • What you learn when you’ve touched 2000 penises

----------Guest - Lee Jaggerhttps://www.rockthebedroom.comhttps://www.tiktok.com/@rockthebedroom1

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