The Unseen Risks of Sea-Level Rise with Dr. Logan

Science Society by Catarina Cunha

Episode notes
In this enlightening episode, we navigate the intricate world of risk and resilience of urban systems with Dr. Logan. Holding a Doctorate from the University of Michigan and an active member in numerous professional organizations like the Society for Risk Analysis and the Association of American Geographers, Dr. Logan's contributions to the field are formidable. His research paves new ways in designing cities resilient to climate change through the lens of risk science, systems engineering, modeling, and statistics.The episode centers around Dr. Logan's recent groundbreaking paper on sea-level rise (SLR). While traditionally, the focus has been on properties at risk of inundation due to rising sea levels, Dr. Logan proposes an often overlooked but critical metric: the risk of population isolation. His team’s findings suggest that a significant numbe ...   ...  Read more
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