Brain Tuning by Bridging Mathematics and Neuroscience w/ Dr. Dimitris Pinotsis: Exploring Cytoelectric Coupling

Science Society by Catarina Cunha

Episode notes

In this captivating episode, we dive deep into the intersection of mathematics and neuroscience with Dr. Dimitris Pinotsis. Boasting a PhD in Mathematics and an MSc in Theoretical Physics from the renowned University of Cambridge, Dimitris' academic journey is truly impressive. After publishing numerous papers in mathematics and physics, he shifted his focus to his true passion: neuroscience. His collaborations with leading minds in the field, such as Peter Grindrod, Karl Friston, and Earl Miller, have fortified his expertise in machine learning and developing mathematical methods to analyze brain data.Currently positioned as an Associate Professor at City—University of London and maintaining a Research Affiliate status at MIT's Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department, Dimitris has earned numerous accolades in his career. His commitment to the fi ... 

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