Lift Energy Storage Technology: Solution for Decentralized Urban Energy Storage with Dr. Hunt

Science Society by Catarina Cunha

Episode notes
The world is experiencing an unprecedented shift towards renewable energy sources, bringing about new challenges related to energy storage. In this exciting episode, Dr. Hunt joins us to discuss his innovative solution: Lift Energy Storage Technology (LEST).LEST is a novel concept of energy storage, leveraging the potential of high-rise buildings. The principle is simple yet innovative: using lifts and vacant apartments in tall buildings to store energy. Dr. Hunt describes how energy is stored by elevating containers filled with wet sand or other high-density materials, effectively using gravity as a storage medium. Interestingly, this system can be incorporated into existing buildings with minimal modifications, using pre-existing lift systems to transport these containers.The cost and potential of LEST are also explored. With an estimated installe ...   ...  Read more
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