Technological Approach to Mind Everywhere: A Conversation with Dr. Michael Levin

Science Society by Catarina Cunha

Episode notes
In this groundbreaking episode, we are joined by the acclaimed scientist Dr. Michael Levin, who introduces us to the Technological Approach to Mind Everywhere (TAME). This innovative framework seeks to understand and manipulate cognition in unconventional substrates. By harnessing the power of synthetic biology and bioengineering, we are provided with opportunities to create novel embodied cognitive systems, disrupting conventional philosophies of the mind.Dr. Levin presents a novel perspective on morphogenesis, viewing it as an example of basal cognition. He suggests that problem-solving in various domains, such as anatomical, physiological, transcriptional, and traditional behavioral spaces, can potentially drive cognitive capacities during evolution.One of the most striking discussions is about the importance of developmental bioelectricity in ev ...   ...  Read more
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