Bridging the Gap: Biomimetic Machines with Dr. De Pascali

Science Society by Catarina Cunha

Episode notes
In this enlightening episode, Dr. De Pascali presents his revolutionary work on GeometRy-based Actuators that Contract and Elongate (GRACE), a class of pneumatic artificial muscles poised to have significant applications in fields ranging from biodiversity conservation to elder care.While artificial actuators have been successful in mimicking the contraction performance of muscles, the complexity, versatility, and grace of movements realized by muscle arrangements have remained largely unrivaled. Dr. De Pascali's GRACE, however, are designed to contract and extend, capturing the versatility of biological muscles.Comprising a single-material pleated membrane, GRACE can be fabricated at different scales and with varying materials, allowing a broad spectrum of lifelike movements. Intriguingly, GRACE can be produced through low-cost additive manufacturi ...   ...  Read more
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