How to Talk About Converting ft. Jonah Platt

Schmuckboys by Marla Friedson, Libby Walker

Episode notes

The Schmuckgirls are back for 2023! They are bringing you some exciting updates including the craziest Jewish meet-cute you've ever heard. They briefly talk about the unrealistic expectations of New Year's Eve, ordering food on dates, and the importance of setting boundaries when you and your date aren't looking for the same thing. Marla and Libby also formally announce that their line of merch is now live! Their guest this week is none other than super star, Jonah Platt, known for his many roles across theater and television. The three discuss what it was like for Platt to grow up in an entertainment family, his experience as a theater kid and how his siblings have avoided being competitive with each other. They also dive into Platt's Jewish background and how that has driven him to become an activist for Jews and Israel both in real life and on ... 

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