by Marla Friedson, Libby Walker

Schmuckboys is the hottest new jewish podcast in town. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Libby Walker and Marla Friedson, this show will take you on a journey through the complexities of Jewish identity and how it affects our everyday lives.

Whether you're a young professional trying to navigate your career path or struggling to find love in the Jewish dating world, this podcast is for you. Expect to hear juicy personal updat ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • The Social Media System ft. Stefanie Yunger

    The Social Media System ft. Stefanie Yunger

    The last episode of Season 2 is here! The schmuckgirls show off their new comfy shirts and cute hats from Yonatees. If you're looking for cute, fun, apparel or merchandise to show off your Judaism, checkout the links below. The girls discuss some of their favorite moments from the past season and how much things have changed (and in some ways stayed the same) over the past year. They discuss how mindsets between men and women change over time when it comes to making commitments. The girls also discuss the idea of being alone vs dating and if it's just a defense mechanism to not feel the need for anyone. For the last episode of the season the girls welcome the hilarious and talented Stefanie Yunger! She gives updates on her marriage and shares some controversial opinions about Italian food. The trio dives into Stef's childhood and how she realized she wanted to act and make people laugh. She also discusses growing up in a Miami and being surrounded by different cultures and how that turned into a love of playing with different languages and accents. They also talk about the struggles with social media not allowing people to ever make mistakes despite that being part of the human experience and how an anti-growth society can be dangerous. The girls also talk about how in dating, people can judge too quickly based on other people's opinions without forming one of their own. Stef shares the cute story of how her and her husband met. She goes on to talk about a recent break from social media and how content creators don't always have the support they need to take a break when starting to burnout. She shares in detail about some of the issues she has with Instagram and their algorithms and how they treat creators. They also discuss about making content for yourself and not always based on what your followers want but on what makes you happy. She talks about the importance of self-love and how supportive her family was of her content break. They also discuss the importance of Shabbat in this day and age of constant content consumption. They talk about the connection between Judaism and social media and how there can often be an emphasis on growth and not enough emphasis on the importance of being temporarily stagnant. Stef shares about her proud Jewish identity and how it's changed throughout her life. They end with a game called "5 Speedy Spoofs with Stef" - where they give her scenarios to perform in the voice of her different characters. You can find Schmuckboys on Instagram @schmuckboysofficial, email and find Stef on Instagram @stefachka. At Yonatees, we believe that life with a Jewish heritage can be playful, surprising, and fun. We believe that faith, like bread, is best served fresh, even while our values, like wine, come with a serious vintage. We bring you high-quality apparel, gear, stickers, and more. We aim to serve as ushers: guiding you in small ways toward an optimistic and faithful time in this world.Links:General items - Antisemitsm -

  • No Longer Seeing Other People ft. Ilana Dunn

    No Longer Seeing Other People ft. Ilana Dunn

    Libby and Marla are back and excited about their new launch with the Jewish Journal! They give some brief intros about themselves to help their new listeners learn about who they are. They then give updates about what's going on in their personal lives. Libby has an upcoming talk with Hadassah Magazine and Marla survived a car accident - so all good things! This week the girls are thrilled to welcome Ilana Dunn, a dating expert herself who will no longer have to deal with Schmuckboys as she recently got engaged. Ilana shares her unexpected journey into the dating podcast world and how she grew her audience. The girls discuss how they talk to their audience without revealing too many details about their dates. Ilana shares about how her and fiance first met and her connection to the Jonas Brothers which was also a big part of their relationship. Ilana also discusses where she sees her dating podcast path going now that she's engaged. The girls also ask Ilana about her experience co-hosting a dating podcast with a guy she had previously dated. The girls discuss dating smarter and how sometimes we're at fault for allowing ourselves to stay with people who don't treat us right. Ilana shares about her new venture with friend Carly Silverman to help set people up in a more casual and comfortable way. After discussing dating, the girls get into Ilana's connection to Judaism and how her identity changed when she first went off to college. She shares a funny story about convincing her mom to agree that she could marry NIck Jonas despite him not being a member of the tribe. They end with a game of Dating Do's and Don'ts!You can find Schmuckboys on Instagram @schmuckboysofficial and Ilana Dunn @ilana.dunn and @seeingotherpeople and @itslifeinprogress. Email dating questions to

  • Matchmaker Matchmaker, Make Me a Match ft. Aleeza Ben Shalom

    Matchmaker Matchmaker, Make Me a Match ft. Aleeza Ben Shalom

    Marla and Libby are back this week and this time they're making major headlines! The Schmuckgirls are thrilled to announce that they are now under the distribution of the Jewish Journal! They are extremely excited for their new partnership and everything to come but it's still business as usual! Libby shares about fun upcoming cruise plans with Jack, Marla decides to keep her dating life more on the down-low and both girls share about fun upcoming events in NYC and LA. Their guest this week in their final installment of Jewish Matchmaking interviews (for now), is the one and only Aleeza Ben Shalom!Aleeza shares about how she got casted on Jewish Matchmaking and her thoughts before and while filming. She also talks about how she got into matchmaking in the first place and how it has always come natural to her. The girls discuss potential problems that arise when matchmaking and how Aleeza deals with it and how matchmaking for TV added another layer of difficulty. She also shares about fun and meaningful experiences that audiences didn't see on Netflix. The girls end with a game of "Trust Your Doubt or Go Out" and put Aleeza to the test to see what she would consider to be dealbreakers.You can follow Schmuckboys on Instagram @SchmuckboysOfficial and email them to submit your dating (or Jewish) questions/comments/advice to

  • A Microdose of Love ft. Harmonie Krieger

    A Microdose of Love ft. Harmonie Krieger

    The schmuckgirls are back with another episode in their Jewish Matchmaking series! They start off giving exciting updates like Libby's 25th birthday, her bonding with Aleeza Ben Shalom, and Marla's weekend back on the east coast. They talk about the fun, youthful energy that Harmonie brought to the show and she discusses how she's not afraid of being her real self. They discuss revisiting dating people that you've previously gone out with and how things can be better after both people have grown. Harmonie also shares about the ways Aleeza changed her perspective on dating. The girls debate communicating over voice notes, text, phone calls or Facetime - both from a romantic and friendship perspective. Harmonie shares the fun story about how she first found out about Jewish Matchmaking from a matchmaker friends of hers in LA. She talks about the deep connection she felt to Aleeza and how she truly felt like a light in her life with all the struggles she was dealing with during the show. The girls discuss a topic they've frequented before, the drinks date vs. coffee date debacle and Harmonie shares about how she's learned to enjoy a more casual date vibe. Harmonie then turns the interview back on Libby and Marla, asking them about their opinions on the show. She also spills the tea on some off-camera time with Aleeza as well as fun moments that didn't make it past the cutting room floor. They end with a game of "ALEEZA APPROVED or BYE" - where Harmonie has to decide if certain situations are worth sticking around or if it means kicking a guy to the curb. Follow Schmuckboys on Instagram @schmuckboysofficial and Harmonie @harmoniekrieger

  • The Eyebrows Seen Around The World ft. Dani Bergman

    The Eyebrows Seen Around The World ft. Dani Bergman

    The Schmuckgirls are back with their next episode in their Jewish Matchmaking series! This episode they welcome the outgoing Dani Bergman. They discuss her famous eyebrows and looking at dating like it's just going out with a friend. Dani gives a look into how she ended up in Miami and also talks about her busy but fun work life. She shares how she found out about Jewish Matchmaking from a Facebook group and how her move to Miami really helped to propel her life forward in multiple ways. Dani talks about her experience on the show and meeting with Aleeza and how the show had to navigate not just finding a match, but people willing to go on TV. She also shares the story being the "hectic" hat. The girls dive a little bit into the David missing Dani's birthday fiasco and then move on to a more meaningful conversation about why a show like Jewish Matchmaking is so necessary. Dani also shares some of her biggest takeaways from the show and what she learned from Aleeza. The girls end with a game of "This or That." You can find Schmuckboys on Instagram @schmuckboysofficial and Dani @danimbergs. Send all your dating questions, stories, advice to