52.1 · Tantra Teacher · Consciousness, Magic, Death and Beyond

The Room of Lives by Neel

Episode notes

‘Abhasa theory says that objects don’t exist except in our consciousness. How then do two people agree that this pot is red? The tantric answer is because our consciousnesses are part of the same consciousness. Objective attributes are the common denominators. But people can go to war over subjective attributes, which are not even recognized in science.

‘Since starting tantra, I’m seeing more and more of what you would call woo-woo hippy stuff. I’ve had orgasms with someone across the room with no physical touch. And it seems that magical energetic phenomena are increasingly happening with you as well. In tantra, an event called Shaktipat happens in someone’s life, that starts to wake you out of this dream reality. Then along the way, more and more phenomena happen.

‘If small things agitate you now, imagine not b ... 

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