The Room of Lives

by Neel

I am Neel, Physics/Neuroscience PhD (India/USA). I explore people's life stories and visions in conversations that often touch on science, spirituality, mind and universe. 

Podcast episodes

  • 40 · Crypto for the Homeless

    40 · Crypto for the Homeless

    “When I started, I wasn’t sure if I’d get a single donation. I was handing out food alone. There was much criticism, and only a little support that kept me going. First my close ones joined to help, then volunteers around the worl...

  • 39 · An Open Heart

    39 · An Open Heart

    I talk with my young idealistic friend about the pursuit of wealth, power, prestige and knowledge, and the interlink of science and capitalism. But is life instead really about learning to love better? If so, how do we do it? Does...

  • 38 · Going Crazy on Psychedelics

    38 · Going Crazy on Psychedelics

    ‘As soon as I hit the bong, I felt like a window pane closed between my brain and the outside world. It wasn’t fun any more.’Over time, Ian had become manic, feeling like a philosopher who’d figured out life. Then he did some LSD ...

  • 37 · Parenting without Dominance

    37 · Parenting without Dominance

    ‘Intimidation is easier short-term, but in the long run you get back what you put in. So if you put in the time and work to put logical thought into your kid’s head, it will pay off more than just yelling to get them to do stuff.‘...

  • 36 · Meeting God with DMT

    36 · Meeting God with DMT

    ‘I was going deeper and deeper into this trance, when I looked up and went, holy sh*t, God’s here! Until this point, I didn’t necessarily believe in God, or thought maybe it’s energy, or something I’ve experienced in meditation. B...