The Room of Lives

by Neel

I am Neel, Physics/Neuroscience PhD (India/USA). I showcase people's lives and perspectives in conversations that often touch on science, learning, spirituality and psychedelics. 

Podcast episodes

  • 33 · Ten Days of Silence

    33 · Ten Days of Silence

    “I wanted to become a monk at a monastery after my PhD. This retreat made me cancel that plan.”I speak to a university audience about my experiences at my first ten-day silent meditation retreat in 2017, in remote Texas. I begin w...

  • 32.2 · Ethereum Developer · Spirituality & Psychedelics

    32.2 · Ethereum Developer · Spirituality & Psychedelics

    “My spiritual journey started in childhood in a way, when I thought, ‘What even am I, and what is this existence?’"My experience with iboga was an opening of selfless, non-static love that rewards you for wanting to evolve. On ama...

  • 32.1 · Ethereum Developer · Life & Work

    32.1 · Ethereum Developer · Life & Work

    “I was born in the midst of the gunshots of the Romanian revolution. It took me years to understand the repercussions of the communist mentality in society and in myself. I was born premature, and was in the neonatal ICU for two w...

  • 31 · Questions about Reality

    31 · Questions about Reality

    "A question is the desire for an answer. If there is no desire for an answer, there is no question about it."

  • 30.4 · Geologist · Gender Roles

    30.4 · Geologist · Gender Roles

    “Some people may have an issue that this is giving up an aspect of femininity to fit into the man’s context. I don’t see that as what I’m doing. I am trying to identify parts of femininity that I was conditioned into and are keepi...