31 · Questions about Reality

The Room of Lives by Neel

"A question is the desire for an answer. If there is no desire for an answer, there is no question about it."

Apr 16 2022

Okay, so let's see. You know, you ask me these questions. And I cannot answer you the questions, because I feel like these questions are misplaced. They have a false premise. If you pay attention to the questions, just think about it, you will notice that all of these questions presuppose that there is something behind reality. When I say reality, I mean the experience of whatever is arising. So your questions are: Why is this happening? Who made this? What do they want? What do they intend? Why did they make this? Who am I? What is going to happen? Meaning, purpose, story, objective. It is trying to make sense of the experiential reality within the framework of something greater. Because to simply accept what's going on as what's going on means to not have these questions. So in order to

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