Lou Rera: Tales of Terror (with a Beat)

Rock & Roll Nightmares by Staci Layne Wilson

Episode notes

Staci and cohost Graydon Schlichter interview Lou Rera, author of Awake: Tales of Terror, and There Are No Doors on a Cocoon. Lou is also an accomplished musician, who, with his band Flyer, recorded alongside the likes of Jeff Pocaro of Toto, and Burton Cummings of The Guess Who. Lou talks about how he selects cover art for his books, how he preserves ideas, takes a stab at the melding of horror and music, and also reminisces on the impact of John Lennon’s murder. Graydon and Staci also discuss Graydon’s work in the Rock & Roll Nightmares book series, how he came up with his story “She’s a Killer, Dean,” and gives a few tips for aspiring audi ... 

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