Rest Days by Lauren Leavell + Maria Sylvester Terry

Episode notes

Fitness studios can be some of the welcoming community spaces… and sometimes, they’re spaces where we can feel awkward, out of place, or even unworthy. Lauren and Maria spent thousands of collective hours in fitness studios as barre and yoga instructors, respectively. Who better to walk you through this episode dedicated entirely to stuuuu stuuu studios?

In this episode, Lauren and Maria play yet another round of This or That and share their studio stories, the good/bad/ugly for instructors and clients, and their best strategies for finding a studio space you enjoy. Lauren drops a nugget of wisdom on this you don’t want to miss.

Hosts: Lauren Leavell + Maria Sylvester Terry | @laurenleavellfitness @vitamin_ri

Contact: restdayspodcast@gmail.com

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