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An Honest Conversation about Sleep

Rest Days by Lauren Leavell + Maria Sylvester Terry

Episode notes

We’ll be honest - we’re pretty weird when it comes to our sleep routines. And, that’s the way we like it! We’re here to have an open, honest convo about sleep hygiene and share how you can embrace a sleep routine that serves you well.

In this episode, we leave no stone unturned and discuss just how all-or-nothing we can get about our sleep and how to find the nuances that matter when it comes to a sleep routine. You’ll leave this episode with 5 tangible next steps on improving your sleep hygiene.

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Special thanks to Sho’leh Geula for her support with this episode.

Hosts: Lauren Leavell + Maria Sylvester Terry | @laurenleavellfitness @vitamin_ri


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