New Year, Same (Horrible) Me

Rest Days by Lauren Leavell + Maria Sylvester Terry

Episode notes

Be honest: are you having a happy new year? We’re back for Season 5, and that’s enough. Being back, being here, and keeping on with our lives is the win for us!

In this episode, we first get into the details of what exactly happened in Season 4: our shortest season of all time.

Mostly, this episode explores what we encourage you to unlearn about the New Year: expectations to be a different person, to achieve a new level of goals, and to feel industrious. The truth is: it is really enough to step into the New Year as you are.

We share tangible next steps and reframes for embracing the New Year with a spirit of acceptance. In addition, we teach you something from our recent workshop - how to set intentions that make room for more of you instead of a New You.

No promises, but you might feel better about the year ahead afte ... 

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