"Operation Florence" and how to better manage Career Transition with Jeremy Epstein

Refirement.life - Make Your Next Play Your Best Play by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Episode notes
Muge and Christine visit with Jeremy Epstein , a highly energizing and successful marketing strategist and entrepreneur. Jeremy discusses what it takes to be naturally curious in life and how his method of managing a career transition is making an impact on him professionally and personally.
  1. Learn about what "Operation Florence" is.
  2. Hear about a few thought-provoking trends in the marketplace and the impact this may have on business and our planet at large.
  3. See if Jeremy passes the "Great Eight" question challenge.
  4. Get inspired to embark on your own discovery journey and learn how a temporary leave from the workforce through a layoff can be just what you need to take your career next level.
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