- Make Your Next Play Your Best Play

by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Join Muge Wood and Christine Zmuda for kind and generous insights on how to live your best life after major and minor life transitions. We are all expected to live much longer, so why not live better? This starts with greater awareness of success strategies for the road ahead.. Whether you are working full time, part time or none of the time, there is something here for you to put you on a path of greater fulfillment and hap ... 

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Podcast episodes

  •  Having Retirement Assets Doesn’t Mean You Have a Retirement Strategy

     Having Retirement Assets Doesn’t Mean You Have a Retirement Strategy

    In this podcast, we welcome back the financial team of Jim and Lisa Burns come back to provide our listeners with helpful information on planning beyond the accumulation of assets. Thinking about: Diversification Strategies Knowing your options on distributions and tax implications Creating, monitoring and communicating your strategy. There is much to think and act on in this informative discussion. You will want to listen and share this one! About Creative Financial Group: Jim and Lisa Burns, husband and wife team with CREATIVE Financial Group, help individuals, families, and business owners reach their financial goals by addressing their unique needs and designing solutions around those specific priorities. Jim has been an advisor with CREATIVE for 30 years and is Series 6 and 63 Securities licensed. Both Jim and Lisa hold their Life, Accident, and Health Insurance licenses. To learn more, please visit them online at or reach out directly at or “Securities and investment advisory services offered through qualified registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. 16 Campus Boulevard, Newtown Square, PA 19073. 610.325.6100. The views and opinions expressed are those of the program participants and are not necessarily those of MML Investors Services LLC. The material is not intended as recommendations appropriate for you. You should strongly consider seeking advice from your own investment professional. -- CRN202703-5954381”

  • 3 Secrets to Living Your Life with Greater Purpose.

    3 Secrets to Living Your Life with Greater Purpose.

    Christine and Muge reflect on the words of Dr. Cynthia Barnett who has a few secrets to living a more purposeful life. 1. Secret #1 - Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life: ·       Definition and Understanding: Taking 100% responsibility mean acknowledging that you are the primary creator of your life experience. It involves accepting accountability for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.   2. Secret #2 - Leave a Legacy: ·       Imagining your 100th birthday party to envision your legacy. Picture the celebration and reflect on what you want to be remembered for. o   What does the party look like? Is it small, medium large? o   What would they say? 3. Secret #3 - Know Your Purpose  ·       Wired to Help Others: o   Intrinsic Motivation: Research shows that helping others not only benefits them but also brings intrinsic satisfaction and fulfillment to the giver.  There are micro actions and macro actions that can help others.    

  • How and Who We Spend Our Time with Might Just Surprise You

    How and Who We Spend Our Time with Might Just Surprise You

    In this podcast session, Muge and I speak and reflect on World Economic Forum's study "Who do Americans spend most of their time with each day? | World Economic Forum (" The findings may be surprise and encourage you to be more proactive with your time and relationships. We will touch on the reality of: Having Older Parents and what this means for time together. How your time with your children "flatlines" after the age of 18. The age at which most people find themselves missing friends. What life looks like with your life partner and what choosing well matters. What percentage of people are truly lonely when alone and how this changes over time. A big thank you to Jeanne Clizbe who called this study to our attention. . Mel Robbins covered this topic very well here - Mel Robbins: This one study will change how you think about your entire life .

  • Thriving with New Year Resolutions

    Thriving with New Year Resolutions

    Whether you approach New Year Resolutions with a "Go Big or Go Home" attitude or you like to think of NY Resolutions as casual promises to yourself that I'm under no legal obligation to fulfill, I think you will get helpful tips and enjoyment out of this episode. Tune in to learn: The best way to make small changes and keep yourself improving each year. Differences between men and women and the resolutions they choose to go after. How intentions instead of resolutions may put you on the path to a happier and improved you.

  • Thriving with Justice

    Thriving with Justice

    In this podcast, we visit with Paul Zmuda, a practicing attorney in the State of Maryland and Christine's husband of 28 years. Paul shares his perspective from being both a prosecuting and defense attorney. Paul also shared what his dream job will be post retirement and it may surprise you. Muge also takes the opportunity to learn a bit about Paul's home and married life. Muge and I have had fun with these "husband" editions. Muge's husband Brad Wood was interviewed in episode 31 if you are curious to take in that session.