- Make Your Next Play Your Best Play

by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Join Muge Wood and Christine Zmuda for kind and generous insights on how to live your best life after major and minor life transitions. We are all expected to live much longer, so why not live better? This starts with greater awareness of success strategies for the road ahead.. Whether you are working full time, part time or none of the time, there is something here for you to put you on a path of greater fulfillment and hap ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Thriving with Financial Literacy

    Thriving with Financial Literacy

    In this episode, we visit with Brad Wood, Founder of UTMA-All Stars, a not for profit focused on promoting financial literacy for disadvantaged youth. UTMA All Stars will provide young people not only the knowledge but a path to develop capital which will enable participants to benefit from compounding interest. At the age of 18, participants will have access to their funds and have a nice little start to help off set costs of some of lifes necessitees. Listen in to `Brad shares his learnings on settting up a not for profit structurally and strategically. Touch on the importance of interceding early between the magical ages of 6 and 13 which is a key developmental window where people start to establish their relationship with money. Visit UTMA All Stars - The UTMA All-Stars | Disadvantaged Youth Support Programs | Fort Bend County, TX, USA ( to learn more and potentially donate. Bonus Content: We also spent time with Brad on his personal life to learn what 30 years of marriage and life partnership has been like with Muge. We hope you will enjoy "the husband" edition!

  • Lavender Love, a Blooming Family Business

    Lavender Love, a Blooming Family Business

    Women now make up 40 percent of new entrepreneurs in the United States — the highest percentage since 1996. women often say the No. 1 attribute of what they're looking for in their work is purpose. They want to feel compelled by the mission of the organization and understand that they're helping make the world a better place. Women are managing to try their hand at business while still balancing so much. In the U.S., 66% of primary caregivers are women. This means that the burden of household tasks largely fall largely on them. Women do on average six hours more a week in household labor. While this warrants a conversation about fair play, the reality is that women need more flexibility in their work. In this episode, we are going to speak to Claudia Tsas - owner and operator of Kharis Lavender Fields to learn about her journey which included a transition from corporate America to owning and managing a full fledged lavender products business. We'll learn a bit about how she manages to balance life and work while incoporating her family and extended family into the adventure. You can find more about Khari's Lavender by visiting this link - All-Natural Handmade Lavender Products | Kharis Lavender. Kharis can ship products anywhere. Fan favorites are the lavender body cream, exfoliating scrub. lavender syrup and lavender honey. Visit their stie for more great gifts ideas.

  • Thriving Through Coaching

    Thriving Through Coaching

    In this session, we visit with Andrew Schultz, High Performance Coach. Andrew Schultz is known for his ability to create life-changing experiences through coaching Andrew B. Schultz is a passionate and dedicated High Performance Coach based in the United States. With a profound commitment to helping individuals unlock their full potential, Andrew brings a unique blend of deep listening and thought-provoking questions to his coaching practice. Andrew's background in sales and business is an asset for anyone who is looking for coaching in those areas. Read the book the Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter - Reclaim your Happy and Wild Self.Watch "Live to 100: The Secrets of the Blue Zones" on Netflix to take in lessons from 5 areas that have the most 100 plus year olds living in one area. Connect with Andrew from a complimentary coaching session - If you're seeking a transformational coaching experience, consider connecting to embark on a journey toward unlocking your full potential. Andrew offers a powerful, no-charge, 2-hour initial coaching experience to those ready to prioritize truth over comfort and embrace personal growth. Here are two ways to reach Andrew - LinkedIn Profile:

  • Making Your Third Chapter Your Best Chapter

    Making Your Third Chapter Your Best Chapter

    While many professionals might consider winding down their careers, Claire Markwardt is winding up. This is not however, without looking at life and work from a different lens than perhaps her first and second chapter of life. Claire was a successful partner at Accenture for 20 years (first chapter) and then ran her own professional services firm for another 12 years. This was also while raising her daughter and being in a successful and long-term marriage. In her third chapter, she is currently at Q5 as the Managing Partner of North America business. Learn about:How work life balance comes into play in your third chapter. How check ins with yourself can help you determine if you are on the right path professionally. What life is like when you are still fired up to work full time and your partner/spouse recently retires.

  • Thriving Around the World - Vacation Edition

    Thriving Around the World - Vacation Edition

    Muge and I both had some time away. with individual European vacations. On this episode, we speak about the importance of unplugging and experiencing new things. We also share some interesting stats that might surprise you about the connection between taking your vacation and being more upwardly mobile professionally. This is a fun episode and welcome you to listen in. Key Takeaways: Take your vacation to position yourself for better professional performance and more enjoyment in life.If you cannot take a significant vacation this year, start planning one for next year - the mere act of planning has positive mental health benefits for us. Staycations have grown in popularity if budget and time is limited, consider exploring new finds in your local area.