Reinventing Yourself through Career and Industry Transition - Make Your Next Play Your Best Play by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Episode notes
In this week's podcast, we speak with Danielle Glosser, CEO of Clientraiser,com. Danielle shares her journey from working for the Golden State Warriors, to the Not for Profit world to do her part in driving social justice, which led here to an interesting career stop at the White House. She has owned her own business for the last 9 years. In this session, I believe you will find inspiration from:
  1. Staying "awake" to listen to what your soul and superpowers are calling you to do.
  2. Taking in experiences with a gratitude. Danielle has not forgotten her early mentors and shares how she has made sure they know the importance of her life.
  3. With career changes, sometimes it's difficult to monetize your efforts, when you are skilling up or moving to a new industry. Daniel ... 
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