Episode 14 - Can Big Tech Exhibit More Compassion?

Refirement.life - Make Your Next Play Your Best Play by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Episode notes

In this episode, we visit with M3 Sweatt, an Independent strategic advisor and accomplished Customer Experience executive.M3 touches on a first party research survey he conducted to answer two important questions. First, in how thoughtful and transparent Microsoft was during the layoffs, the reported benefits offered to impacted employees, and an initial look at the cons, focused on employee experiences. M3 also touches on some of the hidden costs of layoffs – personal and economic – and provides a few suggestions based on growth mindset and Microsoft's espoused “Model, Coach, Care” principles. For our listeners, we touch on:

  1. How to be prepared in today's economy given the job market uncertainty.

  2. What to do in the event that someone you know is impacted by a layoff.

  3. While this is a ser ... 

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