Episode 13 - Perfecting the Art of Vacation with Chris Oakes

Refirement.life - Make Your Next Play Your Best Play by Christine Zmuda and Muge Wood

Episode notes
In today's episode, we cover power tips for surviving and thriving on a family or solo vacation. Specifically, we cover:
  1. Interesting out of the box ideas for travel and how you can maximize your travel with travel hacks.
  2. Tips for Surviving a Family Vacation
  3. What to look for to make a solo vacation even more fun
We encourage our audience to explore the following for more insights
  1. Revisit the year in advance to maximize your Paid Time off - 46 straight days off is a great way to recharge while only using 18 vacation days! PTO Hack — How to Get 46 Days Off in 2023 (marketrealist.com)
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