Is There Ever An Okay Time to Celebrate Adoption? When Do Adoptive Parents Get To Say Yay?

Real World Parenting by Dr Laura S Anderson

Episode notes
This week's episode explores the complexity of celebration and adoption. Are there things to celebrate in adoption? Absolutely, but in order to celebrate, adoptive parents must also hold a space for the loss their child feels. Adoption is a shaping event in people's lives that plays a role in the attachment, self esteem, and elements woven throughout a lifetime. Join Dr. Laura Anderson as she shares the patterns that come up in adoptive families and how to celebrate intentionally.What You Will Learn:
  • Do not wait for your child to start the conversation, find age appropriate ways to talk to your child about adoption - truthfully and sensitively
  • How public are you making this information about adoption?
  • How to celebrate anniversaries
  • Find adoptee voices
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