Real World Parenting

by Dr Laura S Anderson

Tips and Scripts for Families on Roads Less Traveled. It's for parents and clinicians wondering "What To Say When." It’s thoughts from the best of both worlds- the place where office couch wisdom meets living room couch experience. Race. Gender. Adoption. Child Psychology. I look forward sharing this with you!

Podcast episodes

  • Shifting Gears for 2024

    Shifting Gears for 2024

    I love podcasting and the platform we've built with Real World Parenting. I could do this all day every day. That being said, this year I'm focusing my energy on my practice and on doing national and international trainings. You can find more in the meantime on my blog, newsletter, and online courses. I truly appreciate your ongoing support, and I'm eager to reconnect with you for a fresh and empowering podcast in the future.

  • Heartfelt Adoption: From Viral Moments to Real Parenting with Kaitlyn Moreau Thibodeaux

    Heartfelt Adoption: From Viral Moments to Real Parenting with Kaitlyn Moreau Thibodeaux

    Tune in for a heartfelt account of navigating the complex emotions of sadness, joy, and overwhelming feelings that come with adoption. Dr. Laura Anderson invites Kaitlyn Moreau Thibodeaux on to share her experience in adopting a child and what she has learned along the way. Learn about the importance of making space for both the challenges and joys, and why embracing the full spectrum of emotions is crucial in serving your child in the best way possible. What You Will Learn: The effects of going viral Sitting with the scope of real experiences people share in the comments Do not avoid the hard parts, so there is room for the good parts Adoption is both painful and beautiful

  • Natural Hair Care with Shalita Grant

    Natural Hair Care with Shalita Grant

    Join us in this candid and empowering episode as we sit down with Shalita Grant for a conversation about natural hair care. Best known for her role in NCIS: New Orleans, Shalita opens up about the realization that her hair was becoming an obstacle in her acting career. As an actress with Type 4 hair, the tightest texture on the hair chart, she faced unique challenges while on NCIS New Orleans. Shalita experienced traction alopecia in her second season and significant hair loss along her hairline in the third season, ultimately leading to her decision to break contract and leave her job by the fourth season. These experiences led to Shalita creating the Four Naturals solution. Delve into the emotional aspects of her experience and gain insights on fostering a healthy relationship with hair, especially for kids. What You Will Learn: Why Shalita quit NCIS Shalita's journey with hair loss and hair care About Shalita's 4 Naturals hair treatment solutions The emotional trauma from poor hair care Helping kid's foster healthy hair and a healthy relationship to their hair

  • Medical Self Care with Suzanne Rabi Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS

    Medical Self Care with Suzanne Rabi Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS

    Self care is more than just a massage. Many overlook the full spectrum of prioritizing and taking care of yourself. It's time to debunk the myth that true self-care is selfish – in reality, prioritizing ourselves is essential for survival, and benefits everyone around us. Dr. Laura Anderson invites Suzanne Soliman to Real World Parenting to explore practical, tangible steps for achieving balance, the normalcy of feeling guilty, and how you can practice setting healthy boundaries. Suzanne Soliman is a Board Certified Pharmacist, Professor / Author, andMedia Host and Contributor. Suzy founded the Pharmacist Moms Group which is the largest organization of pharmacists in the United States. Suzy has over 100 publications and presents nationally on pharmacy, parenting and women issues. What You Will Learn: Practicing preventative care Creating schedules are important Self care is survivalist Learning to say no and feeling guilty is normal The importance of setting boundaries It is healthy for our children to see us more balanced

  • Dyslexia Demystified: Parenting from a Strengths Perspective with Russel Van Brocklin

    Dyslexia Demystified: Parenting from a Strengths Perspective with Russel Van Brocklin

    Join Dr. Laura Anderson in this episode as she and her guest, Russel Van Brocklin, dispel common misconceptions about dyslexia and offer a fresh perspective that emphasizes strengths. Discover effective methods for skill-building and concrete resources. Plus, Russel shares his personal journey, revealing the unique advantages of being dyslexic. Russel Van Brocklin's wish is to communicate with parents, tutors and teachers to help their struggling dyslexic students significantly improve their comprehension, writing and organizational skills. As a dyslexic himself, Russel knows the pain and shame that often accompanies dyslexia and understands the financial and emotional strain this condition can place on families as they search for answers and support. He has developed a unique system for teaching writing skills to highly motivated students with dyslexia. What You Will Learn: What is Dyslexia and how do we define it? What helps and why do these methods work? How ai can support people with dyslexia Resources: