Natural Hair Care with Shalita Grant

Real World Parenting by Dr Laura S Anderson

Episode notes

Join us in this candid and empowering episode as we sit down with Shalita Grant for a conversation about natural hair care. Best known for her role in NCIS: New Orleans, Shalita opens up about the realization that her hair was becoming an obstacle in her acting career.

As an actress with Type 4 hair, the tightest texture on the hair chart, she faced unique challenges while on NCIS New Orleans. Shalita experienced traction alopecia in her second season and significant hair loss along her hairline in the third season, ultimately leading to her decision to break contract and leave her job by the fourth season. These experiences led to Shalita creating the Four Naturals solution.

Delve into the emotional aspects of her experience and gain insights on fostering a healthy relationship with hair, especially for kids.

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