Talking To Your Child About Learning Assessments and Their Results with Liz Angoff, Ph.D.

Real World Parenting by Dr Laura S Anderson

Episode notes

Lots of folks are seeking assessments to help the family understand the way their child learns and to maximize how rewarding schooling is. We often think more about how to convey your child's needs to professionals at school, but talking to children about it can go overlooked. Children always have a sense that something is different for them, and if we don't talk to them they start to develop their own narratives about what's going on. Those narratives are often very negative and can be harmful following them into adulthood. Beginning the conversation early with your child will help them with their self esteem and identity. This week, DR. Laura Anderson invites Dr. Liz Angoff for a conversation on understanding learning profiles and helping children understand how their brains work.

Liz Angoff, Ph.D., is a Licensed Educational Psychologist  ... 

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