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Big Brand Link Building in the Age of Generative AI ft Jeremy Moser - Episode 106

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Episode notes

In episode 106, Jeremy Moser stops by the show to share some insight into how link building for large brands is evolving in the era of generative AI.

Jeremy discusses how Google is valuing links as a ranking factor and whether purchasing links is a sustainable strategy in 2023.

We also dive into whether big brands really need link building to have success in the SERPs.

(0:00) Intro

(1:33) uSERP’s Approach to Link Building

(2:54) How Much Value Does Google Place On Links(5:46) Content Syndication Links

(8:22) Is Paying For Links Sustainable?

(11:34) Does Link Building Matter for Big Brands?

(13:32) Quality vs Quantity of Links

(15:25) How is Generative AI Impacting Link Building

(17:07) Will Citations Be Integrated Into LLMs?

(18:31) The Future of Search Hot Takes

(19:49) Rapi ... 

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