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Real Editing Advice for People that Don’t Hate AI ft Erica Schneider

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Episode notes

Cut through the bullshit of online gurus. Erica Schneider provides frameworks, processes, and examples that actually help content creators edit their stuff to make it more attention-grabbing, interesting, and helpful.

In this episode, she shares her personal editing rituals, how the hell you get past your own editing roadblocks, and the key differences between crappy blog writing and attention-span-deficient social writing.

Find out what changed her perspective on the role of Generative AI writing and how she incorporates it into her writing and editing process. You're going to learn a few neat little formulas and AI models that can speed you up while maintaining your own personal authenticity.

[0:00] Intro

[1:20] Starting a business with young twins

[3:20] Personal editing rituals: Developmental edits followed  ... 

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