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Don't Burn the Environment With Your Digital Footprint ft Chris Butterworth

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Episode notes

In episode 127, Chris Butterworth stops by to shed light on the critical yet often overlooked topic of digital sustainability.

Chris discusses the importance of education around digital sustainability and strategies to impact change and the carbon footprint of your company.

He also addresses how to engage people in caring about their digital footprint and the environmental impact of LLMs and Generative AI. He shared his thoughts on the responsibility of large companies in reducing their digital footprint.

(0:00) Intro

(1:53) Defining Digital Sustainability

(3:43) Education in Digital Sustainability

(5:15) Regulations Around Digital Carbon Footprint

(6:50) How to Fight for Change in the Digital Landscape

(10:46) What Responsibility Do Large Companies Have in Improving Our Digital Footprint?

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