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The Messy Middle Ground of Google Ads ft Susan Wenograd

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Episode notes

In episode 122, Susan Wenograd takes the stage to share her profound insights into the dynamic world of Google Ads.

Susan shares thoughts on the current state of Google Ads, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments and discusses how to expertly navigate some of these new challenges.

She also outlines how Google's SGE could impact Google Ads, unlocking exciting new possibilities and avenues for growth.

(0:00) Intro

(2:31) The Current State of Google Ads

(4:21) How to Navigate the New Google Ads

(5:45) The Iteration Process for Google Ads

(9:35) Will Google Ads Improve Over the Next Year?

(13:05) Ideal improvements to Google Ads

(16:09) Impact on Black Friday

(19:00) What Role Will Google Ads Play in SGE?

(21:45) How SGE Could Benefit Google Ads


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